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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be!

Consciousness Coaching

So you know your IQ and your EQ, but what is your CQ?

Simply put, your IQ or Intelligence Quotient measures your cognitive ability or how ‘smart’ you are in comparison to everyone else. Your IQ is usually measured at school.

Later, the world woke up to the importance of EQ. EQ or your Emotional Quotient refers to your emotional intelligence, your ability to assess and manage your own emotions, as well as those of others who move in your world.

Today, there is a new term that is ahead of the thinking curve, termed CQ or Consciousness Quotient. Your Consciousness Quotient can be described as your ability to access and process volumes of information simultaneously so that you can gain perspective on it.

Consciousness Coaching® is aimed at developing your CQ. In laymen’s terms, a highly developed CQ will let you clearly see the wood from the trees so you can make an informed decision on the best way forward to achieve your goals.

Consciousness Coaching® is the nexus between reaction and creation.

Consciousness Coaching® shows you how many of your decisions and actions are merely in reaction to a host of underlying issues that often lie in the unconscious. As soon as you bring the unconscious into the conscious, you are encouraged to choose and create a new reality, rather than react to an old reality. By a figure of speech, every moment of decision is a new seed. You could choose to create a flower or grow a weed.

Consciousness Coaching® is the difference between being instructed and being empowered.

Conventional teaching or training is typically an instruction or directive that aims to achieve a predetermined goal that is based on a specific knowledge and experience.

Coaching, on the other hand, does not impart knowledge, it does not direct and it does not instruct. It simply facilitates a process to wake individuals up.

It lets them tap into their own awareness and power to realise and create what they want to be, have what they want to have or do what they want to do.

During Consciousness Coaching, you will not be instructed. You will be empowered. As best said by Steve Maraboli… ‘The empowered mind allows problems to seed growth.’

Consciousness Coaching® always takes the higher ground.

Frank A. Clark said that we find comfort among those who agree with us… and growth amongst those who don’t. Consciousness Coaching® always departs from integrity, as we ask ourselves and those we coach to consider the impact of their actions and decisions on everything and everyone we touch.

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